Published on:

28th Jan 2023

My Home Is In Foreclosure What Do I Do?

This episode is dedicated to all those who are struggling or facing a situation where your home may be in or going into foreclosure. You need to act fast, this podcast will give you a starting point and a little more information that will help. If you live in the state of Virginia and need assistance in matters such as stopping foreclosure I recommend contacting the person below asap.

John D. Sawyer, Sawyer & Azarcon, PC

10605 Judicial Drive B2, 

Fairfax, VA 22030

Tel (703)893-0760 EXT 1

Fax (703)273-9886



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Life in Northern Virginia
What Does Northern Virginia Have To Offer Me
Thinking of moving [To] [From] or [Around] Northern Virginia or experiencing life as a visitor? This podcast answers the question "What does Northern Virginia have to offer me" with total transparency and no topic left behind.

Hi my name is Cheryl, born in Fairfax Virginia; Extravert in business, Introvert in personal life. Like me, sometimes you need a little nudge to get out and about and a community behind you letting you know you're not alone if you feel like staying in. What's what we are here for.

We will learn together where to go, what to do all while meeting some interesting people. We will visit places and businesses and hear up close and personal. Since I love exploring the [Fit Life] we will dig into that as well as where the quaintest coffee shop is in each city and where your furry friend is welcome.

We will explore transportation options, hidden shopping favorites, food, drink and nightlife. Live through the eyes of a newcomer, single, married, divorced and other lifestyles and meet Northern Virginia lifer's and why they will never leave.

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